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Dday: Revolution v069 (Public Beta)
Name: Dday: Revolution v069 (Public Beta)
File: Rday069.w3x
Size: 1.48MB
Extension: W3X
Category: Judgement
User: markone
Date Uploaded: August 5, 2009; 8:26 am
Download Count: 6216
Downloads This Month 6216


Hero selectors are now worker class, you can select them with "~" key

added new hero Paladin - Aurrius the Pure
added new spell Holy Light
added new spell Storm Bolt
added new spell Holy Aura
added new spell Life Call

added new hero Blood Mage - Kael Sunsrider
added new spell Flame Strike
added new spell Enflame
added new spell Phoenix
added new spell Life Drain

added new hero Sorrceres - Lulu (still need to import model with animations)
added new spell Fire
added new spell Fire Blades
added new spell Mana Ignition
added new spell Aeons

added new hero Arthas - Death Knight
added new spell Death Coil
added new spell Touch of Death
added new spell Endurance Aura
added new spell Animate Death

added new hero Infernal - Hellifire
added new spell Infernal Call
added new spell Hell Fire
added new spell Taste of Hell
added new spell Burning Ritual

added new hero Arraka
added new spell Forked Lighting
added new spell Summon Nemesis
added new spell Healing Ward
added new spell Spirits Within

added new mode -BS : HeroBanSystem
added new mode -VN : -dsc , -is , -rs, -na.
added new mode -OWD : -ntpa, -nm, -rg.
added new mode -NQV : No quick victory.

removed animated grass, was cool, but also was causing map lag on wave spells :(

increased panda/overlord bounty

added air to wand of lighting targets.
added air to Judges targets
added mechanical unit to entangle roots target.

Fixed big bad voodoo required level.

Reduced Flamer HP 500->450
Reduced Flamer number 2/3/4/5 -> 1/2/3/4
Reduced Flamer duration 70-> 40/45/50/55

moonwave now effect buildings

fixed unit type mistake royal captain/footman
fixed attack speed of abominations, to match knights.

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